Meet the Players!

Kai Abadite

Played by Sydney Foltz

Kai Abadite (She/Her), a confident and fearless Earth-Genasi Barbarian who will stop at nothing to protect her friends and her trusty ferret-sidekick Cooper. After traveling with the circus for three years as a burlesque  dancer, she settled down in Troutbeck where she became the right hand woman at Griana’s Meats n More. Through the adventures of the campaign (and unknowingly signing a deal with the King of Hell ) Kai has discovered a much higher power that lives inside her...will she ever learn to control it?

Zil Nire

Played by Liz Burton

Zil Nire (They/She) is the sickest 19 year old Human Wizard there is. Channeling their magic through stylish black sweatbands, Zil is also a skilled magician. During their time at the Meats n More Zil was in charge of advertising. But ever since the tragic fire, they've been a Huge Gay Mess.


Fave activities include: Buying Fanny Packs, doing kickflips at the most inappropriate times, angst, and falling in love with every girl that can kick their ass.

Griana Arande

Played by Carly Strait

Griana Arande (She/Her) is a Half-Orc Ranger, who’s name could possibly be an anagram, with a confused heart. Born and raised in Troutbeck, she was the predecessor to the family meat shop, the Meats n More. Despite her fear of meat and underlying need to become vegetarian, her beautiful and voluminous ponytail represents her demeanor as the (world’s best) boss. Due to the turbulence of the campaign she lives in, she has been overwhelmingly forced to find purpose in the unexpected with those she once considered her employees. If you listen along you will find that she will overzealously meet any challenge, and maybe hum a little toon along the way.

Dylan Rose

Played by Mckenzie Wilkes

Dylan Rose (she/her) is a young soldier who has been living in Burnfort for the last 11 years or so; Her military brat upbringing had her living in several different places growing up - including Langdale. When the Meat Crew needed an extra companion for The Gauntlet, she stepped in. Dylan is a little air-headed, extremely sweet, and a tall muscular drink of water. She is willing to lay her life down for those she fights with and is loyal to a fault. She has quickly become an integral member of the crew, fighting beside them and protecting them as best she can, all with a sweet smile on her face.

Phibi  Valpip

Played by Molly Shafer

Phibi Valpip is a Gnome Warlock who works as the clerk for Griana’s Meats n More. After finding a dope ass demonic orb in a cave, she began having horrific nightmares about a mysterious impending disaster. Hoping to prevent this future, Phibi is searching for answers while also screwing around with Griana and getting into trouble and causing the party a lot of grief. It’s kind of 50/50 at this point. She is also Kai’s roommate and likes to be carried around in a baby björn. 

Molly Schafer is also a gnome in real life who also enjoys lurking in caves. There is a prophecy about Molly and Liz that states neither can live while the other survives

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